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Content Creator Starter Pack 

CA$300 (US$227)

with Tess Barclay

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Let's build the content creation business & brand you want! Join Tess Barclay in the Content Creator Starter Pack to create your content creation strategy, define your brand,  monetize your content, create a sustainable posting structure & more!


Media Kit & Rate Card


Content Creator Group


3-page content strategy workbook


75min self-led coaching session

You will learn how to:

  • Define your vision for your content platforms & brand on social media

  • Create content pillars for your brand & content across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest

  • Create a sustainable & consistent posting schedule across all platforms

  • Monetize your content through brand deals & other income streams

  • Unblock mental barriers including imposter syndrome, comparison & consistency

  • Create unlimited content ideas & series - Build an effortless content creation business & brand


20/10 SO helpful. Tess was so tuned into my content and vision and vibe from the get-go and really DELIVERED on exactly what I needed and wanted out of the session. The experience was just very supportive and thorough and efficient. I feel so empowered and clear, I'm so glad I found Tess!

Also includes:

  • Media Kit Template (Canva)

  • Access to Busy Blooming Content Creators group

  • Video recordings of each module

  • Google document template for your personal strategy

This self-led session & course is designed for creators who are in the beginning of their content creation journey or are feeling stuck & need a refresh of their brand to take it to the next level to achieve your goals. This isn't the program for cracking the algorithm, choosing hashtags & niching down - it's for creating a sustainable, authentic brand on social media to build the brand & business you want!

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Ready to build your content business?

Purchase the Content Creator Starter Pack

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