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Content Creator Chat Coaching

with Tess Barclay


Media Kit & Rate Card Template

Access our custom Media Kit & Rate card template to send to elevate your brand deal negotiations. You can customize your pricing, packages & share about your brand and community in the template via Canva.

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50% off 75min Self-Led Coaching Session (Content Creator Starter Pack) 

Ready to create your content strategy? Included in your bundle is the 75min Content Creator Starter Pack course & self-led coaching session!

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1 Month of Chat Coaching*

Access to 1 month of chat coaching via Slack where you can chat 1:1 with Tess about:  Strategies to build your content creation platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest) Define and/or refine your content pillars, brand, taglines & target audience Tactics to build an engaged community including custom one-liners, bio & taglines to position in your content Content ideas & unique series ideas on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube How to gain motivation & direction with your brand, business & content when you feel too "niched-down", stuck in a content rut and/or having stagnant growth Monetization strategies including building income streams & brand deals Unfiltered Q&A with Tess about building your content, brand & business Unblock mental barriers such as comparison, confidence & brand direction Tess will be on Slack at 10am - 12pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays to connect with you! If you're not available during those times, send her any questions, links, etc. & she'll respond during those hours.


This gave me everything I needed to turn myself into a full time content creator. Tess went over with me on how to get noticed by more brands, how to seal the deal with brands, as well as other ways to make income as a content creator besides just brand deals. She also helped me decide my rates on my rate card which was a huge help. Tess is absolutely amazing and truly cares about the people she coaches.

1:1 coaching with Tess via Slack messenger 

*What is chat coaching?

Designed for content creators, connect with Tess Barclay via Slack messenger to get 1:1 coaching via chat. You can connect with Tess for content ideas on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and/or Pinterest including videos ideas, series ideas & taglines, send Tess links to your content for feedback & audits, ask questions about brand deals including rates and strategies, ask platform-specific technical questions, seek advice for building your community, content pillar suggestions & motivation!

Who is this package for?

If you are a new or experienced content creator who wants to:

  • Make content creation your full or part-time job

  • Bounce ideas off of Tess & get weekly content feedback

  • Get support with navigating brand deals & rates 

  • Get unique content ideas for TikTok, Instagram & YouTube

  • Create a sustainable posting strategy & schedule 

  • Create one-liners and taglines for your content 

  • Re-brand your social media brand & content strategy 

  • Build a sustainable & authentic brand that is effortless 

  • Use content creation to build your community & business 

  • Get out of a niche that you feel "stuck" in

  • Use social media to grow your personal brand or business

  • Thrive as a content creator & business owner 

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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