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How To Be Your Boss’s Favourite Employee

The relationship you have with your boss is critical to your success. When you have a good rapport relationship with your manager, there’s more willingness on both ends to offer support and perform well. Your boss also has the power to give you the well-deserved promotion, raise, or reference you need to progress your career.

We’re not telling you to be a people pleaser. If you have to burn yourself out to make your boss proud, you should probably look for a new job.

But, if you see yourself growing with your company, you should strive to get in your manager’s good books. Limit stress and create an environment that is beneficial to your health and professional success now with the following tips:

Ask them about their goals and priorities The next time you chat with your boss, ask them about their objectives. Then, see if you can align your work projects with their priorities. For example, if you work on the marketing team and your boss hopes to sell your company’s product to 1000 new customers this quarter, figure out what marketing tactics you can use to help your manager achieve this goal!

Keep them in the loop Communication is key in every relationship. Keep your boss in the loop with work progress and your own professional goals. If you don’t chat with them regularly, set up recurring one-on-one meetings or send them a Slack message to check in and ask for feedback. Update your boss on your progress with major tasks so that you establish trust early on in the relationship.

Own your one-on-one meetings It’s so tempting to spend your one-on-ones with your boss chatting about your fun weekend and pets, or *professionally* complaining about your colleague (no judgement, we’ve all been there). Instead, try using this time to discuss goals, professional growth and development, and performance improvement. Send your boss an agenda for the meeting at least 24 hours in advance so that you both have time to prepare.

Maintain a positive attitude You can be the highest performer at the company, but no one will want to work with you if you’re a negative Nelly or criticizer Christina. Be as warm in your interactions with coworkers as you are competent. Your boss will notice and should treat you accordingly. Your attitude in the workplace is a huge indicator of future success!

Above all else, don’t get so caught up in trying to be your boss’s favourite employee that you lose track of who you are. Work on becoming your best self every day and good things will follow.

Keep blooming, girlies!

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