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Resume/cover letter template & tips

Link to Canva Resume and Cover Letter Template

Match your resume as close to the job description as accurately possible with keywords.

  • Larger companies will often use an automated system to process resumes so it's great to use as many keywords that align with the job description as possible. Sometimes you may be saying the same thing (i.e. Social Media Skills), but using the specific language they use in their job posting (i.e. Social Media Management) can help you stand out.

  • Tip: Look through the desired qualities the company includes in its posting and include the relevant ones in your skills section copy/pasting the exact wording they use.

Only put relevant experience and skills on your resume. (+ don't include high school experience unless it is relevant to the role you're applying to.)

  • With varying experience and skills, it can be exciting to list out your long list of accomplishments on your resume. However, keeping it as specific and relevant to the job posting will help you stick out to the recruiter. If you have previous experience that isn't exactly relevant to the role, try and alter it slightly to align with the job you're applying to.

  • Example - I used to be an RA on university residence, so instead of explaining how I would host community gatherings with students, I would talk about how I would market the gatherings on social media and create collateral to promote it for marketing jobs I was applying to - just a small tweak!

Elaborate on your skills, rather than only listing them.

  • When you list one of your skills (i.e. internal communications, leadership, etc.) elaborate on when you have used this skill and quantify it if you can (i.e. lead a team of 15 people, sent 4 internal e-communications per week).

Don't include references on your resume

  • From my experience, if you end up needing to provide references, this won't be until after the interview rounds are finished and they will just ask you to email over some contacts for your references - I think it' s better to use that space for something else (skills, experience etc.).

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