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Why You Shouldn’t Have An Identity Crisis In Your 20s

You graduated, started your career, and followed the path you thought you were meant to take. So why don’t you feel like you have your sh*t together?

One moment, it feels like the world’s at your fingertips. The next - you’re crying on the phone with your mom. You probably have friends with babies and others who go out every night.

Your twenties are meant to be confusing! Here’s why you don’t need to have an identity crisis anytime soon:

You’re still learning to love yourself

Maybe you want to be a Type-A corporate gal one day and a free-spirited yoga instructor on another. It’s hard to practice self-love when everything is changing. The great thing about your twenties is that you still have plenty of time to explore your interests and figure out what fits.

Give yourself the space to try many new things! Don’t be so set on finding your calling that you forget to enjoy the process. Learn how to take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Your brain is still developing throughout your 20's

Wouldn’t life be boring if you learned everything you need to know in the first 20 years?

Many scientists now think that the human brain continues maturing into your thirties. In your twenties, you’re strongly influenced by emotions and social acceptance. Don’t force yourself to grow up faster than you need to.

3 Nobody else has it together either

How many times have you scrolled on Instagram and thought, “If only I (didn’t have so much student debt, lived in a cooler city, didn’t have to work a 9-5 job, etc.) my life would be perfect!”.

It’s so easy to feel inferior when you’re constantly shown everyone else’s highlights reel. Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side… especially when it's fake.

No one (not even Taylor Swift) has it all. All you can do is cheer on your peers and work hard to use the cards the universe has dealt you to build a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Your 20s are for many things: building relationships, putting roots down in new places, establishing yourself professionally, and maybe even going to therapy.

One last piece of advice: treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Give yourself the grace that you would give to another person the next time things don’t go your way.

Keep blooming, besties.

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