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It's time to build your content strategy, brand & business! This custom 30-page workbook was created by Tess Barclay after working with 500+ creators 1:1 to create an all-in-one workbook to create your custom content strategy, brand as business.


This workbook will take you through 4-sections (Content strategy, content brand, monetization/business builder and creator mindset check-in) to define all aspects of your content creation strategy including your content pillars, creator brand, packaging your bio, defining your mission and vision, creating income streams, brand deal rates, content audit + more! 


The workbook is designed to be used anytime you need a content refresh whether it's the beginning of a new month, quarter or year - or you're looking to do a re-brand! It is designed to be customized in Canva and/or printed to have a physical copy or used digitally on an iPad or laptop. 


If you'd like to purchase the accompyaning coaching with Tess, you can purchase here. 

Content strategy, brand & business builder

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