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Consulting with Tess Barclay

Let's build your  vision for your content, brand & business

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Hi, I'm Tess! 👋🏼

I've worked with 500+ creators and entrepreneurs 1:1 to build authentic & sustainable brands and businesses and 6-figure social media platforms. I leverage my 10+ years of experience in influencer and digital marketing and in the creator economy to strategize clear brand pillars, authentic content ideas & tactics to lean into creators' effortlessness and passions to bring their content creation vision to life and turn it into a business. I founded Busy Blooming in 2022 to connect & empower creators and entrepreneurs across the globe! 

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Christy, TikTok creator

I loved my session with Tess! She is so outgoing and open minded. Her energy made me feel so comfortable talking to her about what want to do on social media. She really helped me narrow down how I should present myself on social media and have a unique brand. She listened to my goals and ideas and was able to integrate it into a cohesive content strategy. I am excited to apply all the new strategy we talked about! I had so many small questions about things that no one really talks about and she happily answered them all for me which was super helpful. I highly recommend doing a session with her if you feel a bit lost in how you want to grow!

Tess has a community on TikTok of over

135,000+ creators & entrepreneurs

You might be thinking..

What can I get help with as a creator and entrepreneur?

  • ​Creating custom strategies to build your content creation platforms 

  • Define your content pillars, brand, taglines & target audience

  • Audit your content on all platforms with unique suggestions, ideas & support that help you accomplish your content & business goals 

  • Tactics to build an engaged community & position in your content

  • Content ideas & unique series ideas 

  • How to gain motivation & direction with your brand, business & content when you feel too "niched-down", stuck in a content rut and having stagnant growth

  • Create a monetization strategy with income streams & brand deals

  • Unfiltered Q&A with Tess about building your content & business

  • Unblock mental barriers such as comparison, confidence & direction


Tess has worked with

500+ creators & entrepreneurs


Meet with Tess Barclay

Services for creators & entrepreneurs

Content Strategy Consulting & Audit


The content strategy consulting & audit session is Tess' signature service where she's worked with hundreds of creators. This service includes three major components:

  • Content workshop: The consulting process begins with a 1-hour workshop and Q&A session, led by Tess, to unblock barriers, build your brand, define your content direction and time to ask Tess any questions.

  • Content strategy document: After the workshop, Tess will take what we built in the 60min together and create a 2-page custom content strategy and audit of your content. 

  • Video walkthrough: You will receive a video from Tess summarizing your content strategy & audit in the week of the session.

You will have forever access to: (1) the 60min workshop recording, (2) the PDF strategy document and (3) the video walkthrough from Tess. 


1:1 coaching session with Tess


These 1:1 sessions are designed for content creators and entrepreneurs to have time to connect with Tess for support, coaching and an unfiltered Q&A when building your brand, business and content. These sessions are led by you to prepare any questions and ask for specific guidance and/or live feedback during the coaching session with Tess.

These coaching sessions are intended for creators and entrepreneurs who have a content strategy and are looking for support to ask questions about building their brand, business and content, business income monetization and influencer brand deals, live content feedback, the content posting process & schedules, questions about social media and content creation and anything else you need support on! Within 24 hours of the coaching session, you will receive the 60min video recording which you will have forever access to. 

Building your brand, business & content platform is more than hashtags, posting times & niches

It's time to build your authentic brand 

Holy cow Tess, this session was transformative, I’m counting down the days for our next session, honestly I left feeling so inspired. Just seven days since implementing what we discussed, my account has a sense of revival and I feel reenergized. The numbers are looking good also (an increase of 19k views and all upwards arrows). You’re so talented as a consult to people that need to believe in what they are doing. Thank you for reminding me why I’m showing up and for all the amazing content ideas. You’re remarkable!


I've done a lot of coaching calls and courses over the last 8 or so years running various businesses and this call was by far one of the best consultation experiences I've had. Tess was so helpful and full of advice but also was great at listening to my strengths and where I struggle growing my brand. Tess was full of knowledge and insight into the influencer/content creator industry and helped flesh out my existing brand into a brand that is multi-dimensional, interesting, and intentional brand. I'm excited to put all Tess's advice into practice!


Chatting with Tess was like talking to your bestie who just happens to be a social media guru. I had a blast and learned so much, but more importantly she was able to identify my success, pain points and give me manageable and creative ways to overcome them. I was worried our call would just be tips I’ve seen on her TikTok but it was so much more and she really took the time to understand me and my brand to offer great insights. If you’re on the fence book the call- it is SO worth it!!


My session with Tess was beyond insightful! It was such a fun and easy going consult. She was so mindful and listened to everything I wanted (& didn't want) and came back and delivered a really effective strategy that still felt very on brand for me. Tess really makes content creation feel attainable with her enthusiasm and welcoming demeanour. If you've been thinking of connecting with her, I highly recommend it.


I enjoyed working Tess and I can't wait to work with her again. I really liked how we went into what my vision and goals were, which I did not know when I applied for the session, and left the session with so much confidence and motivation to finally take content creating seriously. I highly recommend working with Tess. She will answer any questions you have and help invest in yourself.


Absolutely love Tess' energy. She made me feel important, seen and heard. My head felt more clear towards my goals and ideas + what I'm trying to achieve with my social media platforms. She even helped me come up with a common theme I want to see in my day to day content which was something I was really looking forward to getting help with on our call. 



Ready to meet with Tess and build your vision?

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Content Strategy Consulting & Audit


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1:1 Coaching session with Tess


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